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Hypothetical situation

May 16, 2010

The situation, events and characters described below are all fictional. They are, however, based on a few similar stories, as recently recounted to me by friends who work in the private sector. Obviously, I am no economist, or labor expert, and so cannot claim to know whether the hypothetical scenario described is realistic (much less frequent). It just sounds plausible to me, and I also believe that it could take place in just about any professional setting.


And now, a word from our sponsor…

June 30, 2009

I have owned a personal computer for over half of my life now (now, that is a depressing thought). My first was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, which I bought when I was an undergraduate student in Genova, in 1985. After moving to the US, in 1988 I bought my first IBM PC compatible, and for fourteen years that was to me the paradigm of home personal computing. Some (actually very few) of my friends bought Apple computers, and I kept wondering what the hell they were thinking.