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Google Docs: one-year review

October 12, 2012

About a year ago, my institution made the campus-wide transition to Google electronic mail. Concurrently, Google’s suite of office applications known as Google Docs also became available, as it comes essentially integrated with electronic mail. It includes word processor, spreadsheet, presentation software, among other things. I started using the word processor and spreadsheet right away; in recent times I have experimented with the presentation software as well. A fundamental component thereof is the remote hard drive (Google Drive), which allows for permanent file storage.
So, what’s the verdict ? Is this thing any good ? Would I recommend its use ?


Mountain Lion and stuff

August 19, 2012

Between work and home I own eight Apple computers — four iMacs, two MacBook Air, two Mac Pro. So, like any respectable user, I promptly upgraded the operating system to the new version, OS 10.8 (aka Mountain Lion), which has now been available for a few weeks. Around this time last year, its predecessor Lion had come out. On that occasion, after installing it on all my machines, I expressed in a blog post my lukewarm feelings about it.


Tough acts to follow

August 27, 2011

This week has marked the untimely departure of two charismatic leaders from the helm of two very different organizations.
Canada’s New Democratic Party Jack Layton succumbed to cancer, shortly after leading its party last May to the best electoral showing in its history.
Apple‘s legendary co-founder Steve Jobs stepped down from the position of company’s Chief Executive Officer (CEO). His stated inability to continue to serve in that capacity, is attributed to health problems (he has also been fighting cancer over the past few years, and it seems unlikely that he may return).


Time for a change ?

July 31, 2011

It is a warm mid-Summer weekend. Instead of relaxing and enjoying the outdoors, the fresh air, the company of friends, the ferocious northern mosquitoes and all the joys that the season brings, I am in my home office, cursing the new Apple operating system.
Being a sucker for whatever is new, I have much too hastily installed it on my home computers, as soon as it became available early this week. I have spent some time reading pertinent newsgroups and web sites, and noted that some of my concerns are shared by other long time users — but of course we may well belong to a vocal minority. Ultimately, as usual, the market will be the supreme and unappealable judge of the success of this product. Me, I do not like it.


Gotta have it

November 14, 2010

I rarely write about technology because I am not knowledgeable enough (I know, that does not prevent me from writing about other things of which I am just as ignorant. Leave me alone, OK ?).
However, given the numerous requests (as many as two) that I have received from my faithful readers (approximately the same number), I am writing today about one of my favourite subjects of conversation, namely computers and gadgets in general, of which I have always been a keen follower and avid consumer.
Specifically, I am going to try and articulate why, for someone like me, the Apple iPad is definitely the best solution for portable computing. In particular, in response to an explicit request in that sense, I am going to state my unambiguous preference for the iPad over the MacBook Air. I think that the former is a much better choice for many of us.


And now, a word from our sponsor…

June 30, 2009

I have owned a personal computer for over half of my life now (now, that is a depressing thought). My first was a Sinclair ZX Spectrum, which I bought when I was an undergraduate student in Genova, in 1985. After moving to the US, in 1988 I bought my first IBM PC compatible, and for fourteen years that was to me the paradigm of home personal computing. Some (actually very few) of my friends bought Apple computers, and I kept wondering what the hell they were thinking.