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Time for a change ?

July 31, 2011

It is a warm mid-Summer weekend. Instead of relaxing and enjoying the outdoors, the fresh air, the company of friends, the ferocious northern mosquitoes and all the joys that the season brings, I am in my home office, cursing the new Apple operating system.
Being a sucker for whatever is new, I have much too hastily installed it on my home computers, as soon as it became available early this week. I have spent some time reading pertinent newsgroups and web sites, and noted that some of my concerns are shared by other long time users — but of course we may well belong to a vocal minority. Ultimately, as usual, the market will be the supreme and unappealable judge of the success of this product. Me, I do not like it.


iPad on the road

May 31, 2011

In a recent post, I stated my intent of purchasing an iPad2 as soon as it would become available in Canada, and expounded why I deem it as the optimal portable computing device for someone in my line of work. In particular, I see it as a superior solution to a “conventional” laptop/notebook computer, including the ultra-light MacBook Air.
I have owned my iPad for one month now, and have had the chance of testing it “on the road”, namely in the very conditions that prompted me to consider its purchase in the first place.
What is my verdict ? Does the iPad deliver on its promise, do what I expected, or am I disappointed ? Can it really replace a regular laptop in most circumstances, as I opined when I first wrote my piece a few months ago, or does it miss some crucial features ?
Bottom line: Am I happy with my choice ? Would I recommend it to my least despicable enemy ?


Gotta have it

November 14, 2010

I rarely write about technology because I am not knowledgeable enough (I know, that does not prevent me from writing about other things of which I am just as ignorant. Leave me alone, OK ?).
However, given the numerous requests (as many as two) that I have received from my faithful readers (approximately the same number), I am writing today about one of my favourite subjects of conversation, namely computers and gadgets in general, of which I have always been a keen follower and avid consumer.
Specifically, I am going to try and articulate why, for someone like me, the Apple iPad is definitely the best solution for portable computing. In particular, in response to an explicit request in that sense, I am going to state my unambiguous preference for the iPad over the MacBook Air. I think that the former is a much better choice for many of us.


iPhone and me

July 23, 2009

Well, OK, as someone who shall remain unnamed had been predicting for a long time, I eventually caved in and got myself one of these. I have owned mine for about a week now, and I thought I would post my own impressions so far. As some friends (bloggers and not) know, my reluctance to purchasing it had really nothing to do with any kind of reservations that I may have had about the iPhone itself, but rather with the hugely expensive plans available in Canada for those wishing to acquire one (for a more accurate description, click here).