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You look like one to me

March 21, 2010

Perhaps the funniest thing about Margaret Wente’s bizarre commentary about a supposed (in reality non-existent) dearth of female bloggers, and its posited, hilarious (as in “laughable”), connection to testosterone levels, is the fact that it very much looks like a typical blog post.
And if it were just that, the vehement reaction that it has elicited, both on the electronic pages of the (supposedly) distinguished Canadian newspaper that hosted it, as well as throughout blogosphere (see Cath’s post, for instance), would not have taken place.


Why am I doing this again ?

February 10, 2010

I have not done one of these in a long time, and after reading Katherine Haxton’s post I thought I would try and give my own answers to questions having to do with why I blog in the first place.


Oh, visitor, where art thou ?

October 19, 2009


As seen at VWXYNot ?. The above graph shows the statistics of my last 500 blog visitors, broken down by country. Apparently I am more popular among Canadians than south of the border, unlike Cath. No visitor from Italy — wonder why…

End of the week…

May 15, 2009

Some random thoughts to end the week:
1) Why is it that in 2009 one still has to pay to get an internet connection at home, at the hotel, at the airport, everywhere ? Why is wireless connectivity, paid for by taxpayers, not available in all major cities, regions, countries, much like public transportation or any other kind of infrastructure ? Are communication companies that powerful ? Why is it still unavailable on trains and airplanes ?


Privileged me

April 22, 2009

I know, I know, I had made the resolution that in my new blog there would be no memes, and instead, here I go again. Oh well… after all, resolutions are made to be broken anyway. In fact, I am doing this without even having been tagged — how bad is it…. However, for some reason this thing intrigues me, and so, having seen it at R.E.S.E.A.R.C.H.E.R.S., I am now going to find out how privileged I am.

In my humble opinion: very.


On anonymous blogging

April 17, 2009

In her latest post, Mad Hatter talks about her “coming out” to a colleague as an anonymous blogger. Her post got me thinking about why, about a year and a half ago, when I finally mustered the courage to start blogging myself, I opted not to do it anonymously. In my initial blog, while disclosing my identity, I was nevertheless forced to use a user name different than my own (one of LiveJournal’s, er, “features”). On the other hand, here at my new home I happily use my real life first name.

I do not regret my choice, and I think I enjoy my blogging experience much better this way. I can see why one would feel more comfortable blogging anonymously, as blogging serves different purposes for all of us. Still, I thought I would expound my own reasons for not trying to hide my identity.


Memo to self

March 9, 2009

Since it’s the beginning of a new week, including inside blogosphere, maybe I should remind myself of some of the rules of a good blogger (especially after reading some, er, “interesting” exchanges on blogs that I read regularly):
1) The fact that your deep thoughts are out there for everyone else to read does not make them worth reading, nor does it make them right.
2) The previous rule also applies to other blogs. The fact that it is published on someone’s blog does not mean that you should take it seriously — indeed, you may well be the only one reading it.
3) If you are going to accept comments, you better be ready to live with the fact that some of them will disagree with your seemingly indisputable conclusions. If you cannot live with that, blogging may not be for you.
4) Your post, opinion, thesis, they will all come across as more solid if supplemented by actual data. Data can always be disputed or re-interpreted, of course, but at least they give the impression that someone has put some thought into formulating a view.
5) Your credibility is inversely proportional to the number of four letter words that you need in order to express your concepts. Oh, and using capital letters does not make it sound more authoritative.
6) If what you really mean to say is “pigs don’t fly”, writing “pigs fly” instead may not be the most effective way to do it — someone may be confused.

A great (blogging) week to everyone.

Awesome WordPress

February 26, 2009

Thanks to the new LiveJournal migration tools, most of the posts from my old blog have now been transferred here, with all the comments. The ones that I have decided to leave there are things like memes and silly stuff (as well as my all-time greatest hit). The others will slowly be removed (I know my posts are all fantastic, but one copy of each is plenty).

An exclusive interview with the blogger

February 9, 2009

In one of my ever more frequent moments of self-adulation, I gave in to ScientistMother’s apparently harmless interview offer. Why not, I thought — it is an easy way to produce a post. After all, what kind of questions could possibly be coming my way… “What is your favorite ice cream flavor ?”… “Do you think the name of the soccer player belongs on the back of his jersey ?”… “emacs or vi ?”…
Alas, the interviewer (a shrewd, career-minded reporter, eyeing a spot on some prime time investigative TV show) decided to go on the offensive, doubtless trying to land her big scoop by exposing to the public some yet unknown trait of my multi-faceted personality… I know these people, nothing is ever off limits when dealing with a celebrity…
Now I have to answer really sticky questions, each one fraught with danger; only my experience of consumed bullsh… I mean, blogger, can save me… Well, I say bring it on, young lady — my weapons will be my wit, my cowardice and my legendary lameness.


I feel better already

December 23, 2008

Welcome to my new blog !