Predictions for 2012

The end of the year is finally upon us, and an appropriate post must accompany it. Memes are lame, which is why I never rarely do them. Thus, I am going instead to wrap up this very eventful year by offering ten bold predictions for the one that is about to begin.
My hallmark boldness remains unabated, in spite of some recent minor flops with Canadian elections.

I shall accept to be taken to task for any prediction that should miss the mark, 365 (or, is it 366 ? Can’t recall…) days from now, as only those who have the guts to make predictions in the first place, make bad ones occasionally … Or even frequently… Heck, even all the time. So, this is all about courage, in the end.

Onward and upward, then:

10. In the month of June, the volume of spam sent to my blog finally surpasses that of legitimate comments. As a result, I start commenting more frequently to my own posts, typically anonymously. For the most part, I agree with myself.

9. Alberta holds provincial elections. The ruling Progressive Conservatives suffer huge losses, mostly to the advantage of the right-wing Wildrose, but also of the Liberals. The leadership of Alison Redford is fiercely questioned within her own party, but she remains at the helm, her politics shifting even further to the centre.

8. The decline of social media continues, Facebook taking the hardest hit. Its stock loses 20% of its value by the end of the year, following a very successful initial public offering.

7. Bob Rae formally becomes the new leader of the Liberal Party of Canada.

6. Peggy Nash is elected new leader of Canada’s New Democratic Party (now, here I am assuming that some dark horse does not unexpectedly join the race at the last moment, following a momentous announcement made on the pages of her famous blog… That would entirely change the dynamics of the race, of course).

5. Experimental evidence of a possible Supersolid phase of helium is definitively dismissed as a fluke. No explanation is found for the non-classical rotational inertia at low temperature, but the community reaches broad consensus on the fact that, whatever it is observed, is no indication of the transition of the crystal to a Supersolid phase. Everyone claims that their views were vindicated.
The community turns its attention to predictions of Supersolid behavior in different physical contexts, such as cold atoms. The leading best-looking proponent of one of the most brilliant such scenarios is awarded awards himself a prestigious prize an iPhone 4S.

4. Italy’s Mario Monti manages to weather the storm, and remains at the helm of the country’s government, despite its impopularity. The country’s disgraced former PM attempts to regain his post by triggering a no-confidence vote, but his attempt fails, as many former allies have come to the realization that his time is up, and therefore abandon him in droves. Fearing that he may no longer be protected from legal prosecution, he secretly flees the country, never to be seen again (hey, a man can hope…).

3. Apple’s sales, already showing signs of weakening in late 2011, take a dive, mostly due to strong competition in the tablet market. The much-rumored debut of the iPhone 5, as well as of the iPad 3, are both postponed until 2013. Rumours of an imminent change of leadership gain strength.

2. Italy wins the Euro Cup football, by defeating England in the final, thanks to a controversial goal by striker Mario Balotelli. Replay will show that the ball had not actually crossed the line, but the linesman misjudges that, and the referee allows the goal, amidst the protests of the whole England squad.
England’s coach Fabio Capello, infuriated, goes on tv and demands that the game be repeated, but his plea goes nowhere, in part because he is immediately ridiculed by a hilarious imitation by Italy’s Antonio Cassano.

1. Barack Obama wins re-election, also thanks to vote splitting between the republican nominee (whoever that person is) and independent candidate Donald Trump.

Happy New Year, Everyone !

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9 Responses to “Predictions for 2012”

  1. Afsal Ismail Says:

    Bold predictions. I’d love to see if you happen to be correct on the social media and Apple predictions. They still seem like rising markets in my head haha.

    Happy New Years to you!

  2. bloggerclarissa Says:

    I agree on Barack Obama winning, eagerly await the decline of Facebook, and disagree completely on Italy winning the Euro Cup. 🙂

    Happy New Year!

  3. Transient Reporter Says:

    Balotelli… Cassano… two big whiny prima donnas. What the Italian team needs is more South Americans in its squad.

    As for England… are you serious? They’ve got no-one. Lampard (overrated), Terry (overrated and evil), Gerrard (injured), Rooney (bipolar, schizoid).

    • Massimo Says:

      Balotelli… Cassano… two big whiny prima donnas.

      And your point would be… ?

      What the Italian team needs is more South Americans in its squad.

      Nah, that would make us Spain.

      Lampard (overrated), Terry (overrated and evil), Gerrard (injured), Rooney (bipolar, schizoid).

      Yeah… sounds like a fun game to me…

  4. Cath@VWXYNot? Says:

    No prediction of the Oilers winning the Stanley Cup?!

    I don’t think I’ll be taking on the NDP party leadership any time soon. 2014 at the earliest 😀

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