Does not get much sillier than this…

… aka, the xkcd wikipedia meme

All right, it has been a while since last time I did this kind of stuff. I saw it at VWXYNOT? (where else, eh ?), who got it through Drugmonkey via WhizBang!
I figured I would give it a shot too — it is Summer after all (almost), so blogging is slow. So, here we go:

Click on the first link not in parentheses in any Wikipedia entry. Keep doing this and eventually, you end up at Philosophy

First entry: Sampdoria.
1. Italian Association Football
2. Association Football
3. Team sport
4. Team
5. Social Group
6. Social sciences
7. List of Academic Disciplines
8. Academia
9. Community
10. Living
11. Life
12. Physical Body
13. Physics
14. Natural Science
15. Naturalism (Philosophy)
16. Philosophy

So, from Sampdoria it took 16 clicks.
Let’s try now West Edmonton Mall.

1. Edmonton
2. Canada
3. North America
4. North
5. Noun
6. Linguistics
7. Human
8. Extant taxon
9. Biology
10. Natural Science
11. Naturalism (Philosophy)
12. Philosophy

One is clearly closer to contemplation while standing in line at some fast food joint at WEM’s massive food court, than watching a training session of that pathetic (former Serie A) football team… not too surprising there.
OK, last one: Bunga Bunga

1. Silvio Berlusconi
2. Politics of Italy
3. Parliamentary system
4. Minister (government)
5. Politician
6. Election
7. Decision making
8. Choice
9. Mental process
10. Process (science)
11. Science
12. Knowledge
13. Information
14. Sequence
15. Mathematics
16. Quantity
17. Property (philosophy)
18. Modern Philosophy
19. Philosophy

What can I say ? Quite the intellectual journey, considering the starting point…

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4 Responses to “Does not get much sillier than this…”

  1. Devin Baillie Says:

    Try “Paleolithic”.

  2. Yuan Wan Says:

    What I found is a deadlock:

    1. Reason
    2. Rationality

  3. Losby Says:

    Interesting loop, Yuan. I thought to myself, this could easily be changed with a quick wiki edit. I was chatting with a friend at the time and he looked at the edit history:

    Look at that. Just a few days ago the first link would have been “philosophy”.

    Perhaps it was an inside job, because philosophers are not rational :D.

  4. Massimo Says:

    Well, I thought my third one might be circular too…

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