Watch your back, Nature…

… looks like I am being courted by others…. hmm, where am I submitting now my next ground breaking paper ? What are you going to do for me, Editor, in order to ensure that this soon-highly-cited piece of work give additional prestige to your journal ?
All right, seriously now, I am pleased to see any development in the direction of breaking Nature/Science stronghold on high profile scientific publishing.
The fact that this journal is published in far east Asia is also potentially a welcome development. Now it is just a matter of getting people to submit papers there.

Dear Massimo Boninsegni,

You are invited to submit articles to the journal Natural Science (NS, ISSN Print: 2150-4091, ISSN Online: 2150-4105), an international journal dedicated to the latest advancement of natural sciences. medicine, engineering, and their intersection. Accepted papers will immediately appear online followed by printed hard copy, which will be sent to over 200 scientific libraries around the world.

The topics of NS include but not limited to:

  • Astronomy & Space Sciences

      Atmospheric Science
      Space Physics
      Earth Science

  • Life Science
      Cell Biology
      Computational Biology
      Molecular Biology
  • Chemistry
      Analytical Chemistry
      Computational Chemistry
      Inorganic Chemistry
      Organic Chemistry
      Physical Chemistry
  • Physics
      Applied Physics
      Atomic, Molecular, and Optical Physics
      High Energy/Particle Physics
      Material Science
      Plasma Physics
  • Others
      History of Science
      Science and Innovations

Journal of Natural Science (NS) is published in English and distributed worldwide.
On behalf of the editor in chief Prof. Kuo-Chen Chou, we invite you to submit papers to NS.
For more details about NS, please visit

Best regards,

NS Editorial Board

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6 Responses to “Watch your back, Nature…”

  1. Schlupp Says:

    Is NS “Indexed in google scholar” as well? My favorite line from these emails. My mother is sending her regards and making “shopping mall music” here.

  2. antipodean Says:

    As soon as you’re in pubmed you get 5 of these a week.

  3. Schlupp Says:

    Do you think “Natural Science Letters” would be a) even better or b) dilute the “Natural Science” greatness? Just for physicists, of course, for the other, it’d probably have to be “Natural Cell Science”, or so.

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