Pet peeves

A few things that I love to hate:

1 ) Check-out person at the supermarket commenting on the stuff I buy (“I guess someone really likes those Aero bars, eh… nudge nudge wink wink”)

2 ) People who get on the bus and stand by the entrance (sometimes making themselves bigger) instead of moving out of the way, toward areas of the bus that are less crowded.

3 ) People who get on the bus and complain loudly about the idiots who stand by the entrance, even though they could squeeze by them and alleviate the problem.

4 ) People who get on the bus through the exit door, and the drivers who let them do it.

5 ) People who get on the bus — all of them.

6 ) Buses.

7 ) People who talk to me while listening to their iPods, remove their ear buds to hear my question and promptly put them back on, even though I have a follow-up question.

8 ) People who talk to me while listening to their iPods, and shout in order to hear their own selves talking, because they have the volume at full blast.

9 ) People who talk to me while listening to their iPods.

10 ) Ipods.

11 ) People who go to seminars with their cell phones on and make sure someone will call them during the seminar.

12 ) People who go to seminars with their cell phones on, make sure someone will call them during the seminar, and take the call.

13 ) People who go to seminars with their cell phones on.

14 ) Cell phones (no, the iPhone is not a cell phone – just leave me alone).

15 ) Facebook friends who try to get you to join every single cause, group or what-have-you.

16 ) Facebook friends who try to get you to join every single cause, group or what-have-you, more than once.

17 ) Facebook causes, groups or what-have-yous.

18 ) Facebook.

19) People who knock on my office door and ask me when Janet (the person in the office next door) will show up.

20) People who knock on my office door, ask me when Janet will show up, and act surprised when I tell them that I really do not know that.

21) People who, when I tell them that I do not know when Janet will be back, ask me a question that only Janet can answer, and fail to catch the humour when I tell them ‘do I look like Janet to you ?’

22) Oh come on, Janet, of course I do not hate you….

Ah, I feel better now.

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11 Responses to “Pet peeves”

  1. Cherish Says:

    Maybe you should just make a list with one bullet point: 1) people.

    I totally feel you on the buses, though. That’s why I gave up public transportation last semester (oh yes, and let’s not forget the smelly and insane people). The 15 minutes each way from my parking spot to campus is enough to make me insane.

  2. transientreporter Says:

    So, I was standing in the bus listening to my Ipod when this bald dude comes up to me and smacks me across the face… Don’t worry, I took a picture of him with my cellphone and will put it up on Facebook…

  3. transientreporter Says:

    Oh, and Janet wants to know if there are any messages for her.

  4. Schlupp Says:

    “(sometimes making themselves bigger)”

    I’m not making myself bigger, I really am that tall!

  5. Odyssey Says:

    I haven’t had an Aero bar in years…

  6. Professor in Training Says:

    Haha – sounds like a rant my dad would do! No wait, let me guess … you hate smartass bloggers, too 🙂

  7. Ian Says:

    At SFU and in lots of places around Vancouver they just open all 3 doors of the double-long buses to get them loaded faster since 90% of the riders have u-passes and hopefully half of the rest are honest. It defeats peeve 2 & 3 and you get used to it quickly. It’s also nice in Vancouver that the riders have control over opening the back door, so you don’t get that blast of cold air when the driver opens the door for the one person who got off the front anyway, except when people start punching the door that’s just a sensor bar, then I get annoyed.

  8. urgh! Says:

    Facebook apps have a mind of their own. Sometimes the only way to prevent a new app from pestering everyone on your friend’s list is to close the entire browser at the stage it asks you to “select 50 friends to pester with this embarrassingly stupid 10-question quiz written by an angst-ridden 13 year old girl and posted to Facebook, that you only took because you thought the result would be unintentionally humorous in some way and you would then be able to make a witty comment regarding it, but instead the entire quiz, the results, and the app itself are made out of 100% pure concentrated failure – onward to those 50 people, buddy.”

    Hitting the back button just makes it angry. And those timesink games on FB, the ones that your friends seem to request that you join? Those messages are always automatically sent – no user input – and are sent sometimes even after the app has been deleted from the user’s account. All that stuff makes FB barely usable. The only thing it has going for it is that it is not Twitter (which is the electronic embodiment of ADHD and OCD) and not MySpace (visiting which is usually the visual equivalent of being beaten unconscious by a large crowd of smiling, colorful, glittery, razor-toothed, java-based gnomes on crack – plus, when it is all over, if foolish enough to be using Internet Explorer, your computer is now full of sexlessly transmitted diseases and the contents of your browser cache would probably get you arrested in 32 states).

    As for the bus, I count it as a win if being stabbed, groped, or excessively sweated upon is not on the itinerary. It is all about the healthy perspective. 🙂

  9. Cath@VWXYNot? Says:

    Buses suck. Ironically, iPods are the only thing that make them bearable.

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