I feel better already

Welcome to my new blog !

Yup, I did it ! My old blog will no longer be updated. Not much is new here, other than the graphics (still pretty basic), my name — to a point (I still could not find one that I liked) and the name of the blog [0].
Following Transient Reporter’s advice, I decided to migrate to WP.
I have to say, the editor looks much slicker than that of my former blogging site.

I still need to figure out how to do a number of things, but with time I’ll manage (where is the option to leave the bulk of the text under a cut, not to have the post show up in its entirety ? How do I add counter code ?). As for moving all of my old LJ entries here — I could do it, in principle, but comments would be lost anyway. And really, why do I need to do it ? It’s not like my old LJ entries cannot still be accessed, or linked to… It’s amazing how easy it is to get hung up on something when there is no real need for it (except for the iPhone — THAT I need).

[0] I found out that “Keeping it Simple” is the name of just about a bazillion other blogs, most of them older than mine. After thinking about a different name for like, oh, I dunno, six months, this is the best I could come up with… Don’t like it ? Tough…

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12 Responses to “I feel better already”

  1. Dr J Says:

    Welcome to your new home Massimo. I’ve updated my google reader so I won’t be loosing you!

  2. Ian Says:

    Congrats! I had some of the same hesitations before leaving WordPress for my own domain, but had no real complaints about WP.com

    To fold text below click the “More” button. And I’m not sure about counters, there is a decent amount of stats tracking behind the scenes in WP too though.

  3. transientreporter Says:

    Welcome to WP. I’m glad you finally ditched that ugly-ass LJ layout. Not sure about counters – I think one downside of having WP host your blog is that you can’t modify the code. But, as Ian says, WP has its own site meter which – for my purposes anyway – is perfectly adequate.

  4. Massimo (formerly known as Okham) Says:

    Thanks everyone ! Actually, adding counter code is trivial. All one has to do is use the “Text” widget. I am actually liking this thing a lot, at least for the time being 🙂

  5. ScientistMother Says:

    congratulations on the move. The only thing I don’t like about WP, is that I cannot subscribe to comments. Oh well, maybe I am a blogger snob.

  6. Massimo (formerly known as Okham) Says:

    ScientistMother — I have never subscribed to comments and am not sure whether it was possible in LJ either. The one thing that bugs me so far is that comments are not threaded. But I understand this will change soon (hopefully ?).

  7. transientreporter Says:

    After thinking about a different name for like, oh, I dunno, six months, this is the best I could come up with…

    How about “The Italian Stallion and His Composite Fermions”?

  8. Propter Doc Says:

    Ooooh, I like the new place. Is this a comments box that you approve of? Seriously though, I hope you’re having a good vacation!

  9. Nat Says:

    I think the new name is great. When I first read it I was puzzled for a second, then I cracked a smile.

  10. Cath@VWXYNot? Says:

    Congrats on the move! Now, post something!

  11. Massimo (formerly known as Okham) Says:

    Cath — hey, hey, I have just gotten back (not even, I am at the airport in Montreal waiting for a connecting flight) — don’t worry, I shall resume regular ranting as soon as possible 🙂

    Propter — I wanted to emulate the notorious comment box for which you are famous all over blogosphere but WP does not have a comparable one. Too bad. Vacation was great, pics on FB soon.

    Nat — Thanks, it’s always good to find someone who likes the same nerdy stuff that I like 🙂 Seriously, though, a friend had suggested “Service Anrufen”, and if it had not been too much of a private joke I would have gone for that instead 🙂

    Thanks for the comments everyone !

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